Forest Floor

I’m beginning work on a new series that I’m pretty excited about. It’s too early to put into words as they have, at least the way I use them, a way of limiting and misdirecting content which might otherwise find a wonderful new home in the mind of the viewer. So I will fight the impulse to ruin it for you. (Insert chuckle) I will say that I feel a voice emerging here and am starting to understand and appreciate my own methods and style. I have also come to see the importance of working ideas through in the form of a “series”. (Art speak for and idea that is examined at length within multiple works.)

In the coming weeks there will be more posts containing this new work, and at some point my resolve will collapse, and some sort of thesis will emerge…sorry. Until then, I’m happy to let the language of images suffice!

Yes, well, that's what I think...and you?

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